Power System Model Downloads

Description:This WSCC 9-bus test case represents a simple approximation of the Western System Coordinating Council (WSCC) to an equivalent system with nine buses and three generators.

Topology:Model:WSCC 9 Bus

Description:The IEEE 14-bus test case represents a simple approximation of the American Electric Power system. It has 14 buses, 5 generators, and 11 loads.

Topology:Model:IEEE 14 Bus

Description:The “IEEE 39 bus system is well known as 10-machine New-England Power System. Generator 1 represents the aggregation of a large number of generators. All parameters shown below” are taken “from the book titled ‘Energy Function Analysis for Power System Stability’”. The original paper with the IEEE 39-bus system is by T. Athay et al.The IEEE 39-bus system has 10 generators and 46 lines.

Topology:Model:IEEE 39 Bus